Victoria Maxwell



Art is my passion. During my childhood, if anyone needed anything art-related, I was their go-to. I graduated–with honors–from Memphis College of Art with a bachelor’s in Illustration. Shortly after, my husband joined the Navy, and I moved to eastern Connecticut. I found an apprenticeship a state over in Rhode Island at Dragon Lily Tattoo. While I worked there, the shop as a whole won best tattoo parlor in RI two years in a row. I’ve been tattooing for about two and a half years now with a current license. And I built up a good portfolio along with a clientele during my short time there. I’ve also tattooed in two conventions, and I’ve attended as many seminars as I could afford.

As for my art style, I tend to be very illustrative and colorful, but I am adept in a variety of styles such as portraiture and black and grey. Cover-ups are another area where I’ve had a lot of experience.

Victoria’s most recently published tattoo work can be seen on her Instagram page @maxwell_victoria.

To make a consultation appointment with Victoria, please come in to the studio or call at (479) 254-9270.

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Victoria primarily uses Eternal Ink.

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