Standard Piercing Prices

We will pierce almost all body parts: ear, facial, oral and lip, nipple, navel, genital. Price includes piercing procedure, 316L surgical stainless steel jewelry, aftercare kit, and sales tax.

Most ear, facial, and oral piercings: $38.50 first hole, $20 for each additional hole

Both earlobes: $44

No-gauge gauging (walk out with up to a 0 gauge without stretching): $55 one, $95 both

Septum: $44

Nipple: Male, $44 one, $71.50 both; Female, $60.50 one, $82.50 both

Navel: $38.50

Lower navel: $44

Female Genital Piercings:
    Hood, $66
    Clitoral Head, $82.50
    Labia minora, $38.50
    Labia majora, $38.50

Male Genital Piercings:
    Prince Albert/PA, $55
    Frenum, $44 first hole
    Apadravya, $88
    Ampallang, $110
    Dydoe, $49.50

Microdermal and Skin Diver Piercing Prices

Prices include piercing procedure, 316L titanium jewelry, aftercare kit, and sales tax.

Regular dermal anchor base or divers: $60.50 for the first dermal, $50 for the second, then $45 for each after.

Surface Piercing Prices

Please call the studio for pricing. Prices include piercing procedure, 316L surgical stainless steel jewelry, aftercare kit, and sales tax.

As per NEW Arkansas regulations that went into full effect August 16, 2013, the MINIMUM AGE for ANY tattoo or piercing is now 16 years of age (with the exception of earlobe piercings). BOTH the person to undergo the procedure and the parent/legal guardian must have valid GOVERNMENT-ISSUED photo identification. The birth certificate of the minor MUST ALSO be presented, or court or state record for adoption, legal guardianship, emancipation or marriage license. If the last names of the parent and minor do not match, documentation must be presented showing the name change.

Tattoo Prices

To get a price quote, please come in to discuss the price of your tattoo with a tattooist. As there are so many factors that we need to know about in order to give you an accurate price, we do not give price quotes over the Internet or telephone.

If you can, email or bring in a large photos. With a photo we can more clearly answer your questions and even give you an approximate cost. We won’t give a quote on an item that we haven’t seen in person but once we do give a price we won’t change it later unless there is a requested change. We treat people as we want to be treated.

Scheduling appointments is preferred. You can contact the tattooist of your choice by calling the studio during regular business hours.

Permanent Cosmetic Prices

Please come in to the studio and speak with permanent cosmetic artist Bill Brickell.